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The very best of Tuscan ingredients and traditions!

Silvia Regi Baracchi, Maitre de Maison & Chef
Relais & Chateaux Il Falconiere & spa – cortona My story as a Chef. 

I’m really Etruscan! : born in Perugia on the 16th IX.1961 and raised in Cortona in the heart of the most beautiful and evocative area of Etruria.

My parents owned a restaurant and therefore I grew up in direct contact with the world of hospitality. I inherited from my family a deep passion for good food, sensitivity for traditions and hospitality.

We opened – with my husband Riccardo – Il Falconiere restaurant in 1989, restoring and transforming the old Limonaia of his family villa, starting to propose my own cuisine, trying to create my own style and my way of understanding hospitality.

In 1993 we launched the first nine rooms in the main villa, continuing over the years to transform all the outbuildings of the ancient family property to create what is now an elegant 5-star wine resort.

Now the rooms are 22 and the restaurant is very famous with a lot of awards: in 2002 One Michelin Star, Gambero Rosso 83/100 , Veronelli 2 stars , Espresso 16/20 and many others . In short time their Restaurant and Relais reach a very high level in quality and prestigious becoming part of the world famous association of “Relais & Chateaux”. Together to the hospitality and restaurant business, our Winery was born and grown:
Riccardo, my husband, passionately wanted to unite and share the world of hospitality, food and wellness, with the production of great wines, in the end a world of passion and great energy, continuing the traditions of the family that cultivated the vine since 1860, giving it a modern and high quality character.

Riccardo and Benedetto, my son, together with Stefano Chioccioli, oenologist and agronomist who from the beginning collaborated to create a modern and dynamic company … An invitation to taste the evolution of an ancient family tradition.

The company is today composed of 32 hectares of vineyards located in different locations including San Martino where it is also located the cellar. With the support of the agronomist after studies aimed at achieving the highest quality, they were identified the ideal land for each variety: Syrah and Sangiovese, producing wines of great elegance and harmony; Cabernet and Syrah, produces wines of great structure and power; finally the vineyards of Montanare, ideal for Merlot and Trebbiano, here, in the highest part at the edge of a wood, Riccardo has launched a great challenge: planting Pinot Noir! The restaurant has international customers who enjoy very much Tuscan cuisine made with great ingredients respecting the tradition, the seasons and with a touch of new presentation.

I had a lot of exchanging experiences with Chefs from all over the world that enriched my know-how. My cooking courses take the name from my best friend Francis Mayes’ book : “Cooking Under The Tuscan Sun” that are very famous and the participants arrive from many countries to learn the secrets of Tuscan traditions .

She loves to come to Norway, bringing also a taste of both the food and their wines.

Create a Tuscan evening with Apresto Italia at your restaurant and experience the best of food and wine from “Under the Tuscan Sun” with Chef Silvia Baracchi!

What a woman! What a generous person! What an energy! I admire you as a chef and person! From the first time I visited Il Falconiere – I remember how you made me feel like your friend at once – from that time a real friendship was born with all your family & team at Falconiere. I just can´t wait to welcome you to Norway – that will for sure be one of a kind of an evening!

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