Signature Experiences

signature experiences

Unlocking the wonders of Italy

Marthe Carrara is a well-known name in this business, and has cultivated an unparalleled network in Italy. As a result, we are granted direct access to the most exclusive locations and their proprietors.


After investing many years into cultivating relationships and establishing networks, we have a great understanding of the best and most exclusive places, and we know exactly who to contact in order to gain access. Through our connections, we can arrange meetings with the proprietors of the most esteemed vineyards, have discussions about food with the chefs of fine-dining restaurants, and explore their processes, the importance of high-quality ingredients, and culinary topics.

We can gain first-hand insight into their stories and be inspired by the most amazing environments. Additionally, we are able to stay at the most luxurious and hidden gems that few people have the chance to experience.

We have conversations with the owners of hotels, wineries, eateries, and factories, and learn about their activities, sustainability initiatives, and the Italian market.

In our signature experiences Marthe Carrara will be joining you as your tour leader, and open the doors to the greatest of places and meet the people to learn the in-depth details that make each place so special.

Marthe Carrara takes you along to those hidden food and wine gems and to Italy’s finest eating places. She will escort you into the kitchen, where you can soak in the atmosphere and watch how Italy’s most talented chefs prepare the finest local raw ingredients. In conjunction with a number of well-known Italian sommeliers and wine connoisseurs, Marthe Carrara offers wine experiences in a class of their own.

Our goal is to provide you with an exclusive and exceptional culinary experience, one that will leave you with lasting memories. From exquisite dining experiences to discovering local producers, we guarantee that each event will be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are looking to explore Italy’s finest restaurants, its local markets, or its vineyards, let us be your guide to the best of Italy's food and wine culture.

Exquisite Access

An Unparalleled Experience

Join us to learn more about the exclusive and luxurious places we have access to, and experience first-hand the stories and processes of the most esteemed locations. With our connections, we can provide you with an unparalleled experience that few people have the privilege of enjoying.

We arrange everything

Whatever you choose, we take responsibility for everything, from planning to implementation. We draw up a detailed and clear plan for the entire trip, and we take care of all the details so that you can travel with shoulders down allowing you to gain maximum benefit of your stay.