Pietro d´Agostino

Kitchen Takeover


A chef who truly brings the flavors of Sicily wherever he goes

Pietro d’Agostino is an experienced chef who takes pride in recreating the favorite dish of Louis Armstrong himself. His Michelin star quality cooking is a perfect way to make any event or kitchen-takeover a truly special one.

Pietro d’Agostino is a skilled and passionate Italian chef hailing from Sicily. He is known for his Michelin-star quality cooking, as well as his unique flavor combinations. Pietro’s craft is rooted in his native Sicily, where he sources the best raw materials for his dishes, from seafood to his own made pasta and olive oil.

Pietro has dedicated his life to the craft of cooking, sourcing the best raw materials and creating his own pasta and olive oil. He has a deep respect for the traditional dishes of his home country, and his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge is evident in every dish he makes.

He has been invited to many events and kitchen-takeovers, where he has been able to showcase his talents and tell his story. Pietro d’Agostino is a chef who truly brings the flavors of Sicily wherever he goes.

A chef is shining in Sicily like a star: the culinary artist is Pietro D’Agostino that guided by the acquaintance’s hunger has decided to work in very distant lands to enhance his passion for food. During this travel of over 10 years he worked for London’s Hyde Park in London, Grand Hotel Costa Smeralda in Costa Rica, Disney Cruise Line in Florida. In 2003 the chef went back home to his loved Taormina, where he opened a his own restaurant “La Capinera” a very appreciated and well known restaurant in all the Mediterranean island, awarded with a 1 Michelin Star in 2006 and part of the Jeune Restaurateur d’Europe.

Pietro loves to cook his territory’s products and he personally selects all the ingredients of his kitchen, with specific reference to organic and gluten-free, food for this reason he can create unique and sophisticated dishes. He gives the same attention to the wine list, that reaches more than a thousand labels from all over the world. He has a particular sensibility for the social side of his job, in fact he took part to various solidarity activities in favour of poor people and prisoners.

Sicilian hospitality and generosity!
I asked a friend of mine who is the best chef in Taormina and she introduced me to Pietro. He organized for me and my clients unique experiences and invited us to his michelin star restaurant telling his story with passion and kindness.

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