Kitchen Takeover


Unique relations

Throughout all these years in Italy Marthe Carrara has developed collaborations, but not least friendships, with the best chefs in Italy.
This makes it possibly to create unique culinary experiences that goes beyond.


A Presto Italia's kitchen takeover experience is the perfect solution! The unique relation we have with the Michelin-awarded chefs from Italy, gives us the opportunity to bring their culinary talents to your establishment, creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience for your guests. Our chefs source the freshest ingredients direct from Italy and create dishes that are full of flavor and authenticity.

You can choose from a range of traditional Italian dishes as well as modern interpretations of classic recipes. With our kitchen takeover service, you can provide your guests with a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Our chefs bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are committed to preparing dishes that are full of flavor and authenticity.

The kitchen takeover can be as short as one night or span several days, and the menu is tailored to the chef's own style and flavors. We also offer a variety of options for the presentation of the dishes, making sure that no two kitchen takeovers are ever the same.

Kitchen takeovers are becoming increasingly popular among our clients in Norway, as they provide a unique experience for both the chef and the guests. They can also be a great way to promote a restaurant, event or celebration, as the guests can enjoy and experience the high quality of the food that is served and the incredible Italian atmosphere and passion.

Let our chefs take you on a journey of Italian flavors and bring the taste of Italy to your restaurant.


"4 Hands Dinner"

Sharing interesting discussions about cultures and how these Italian chefs are inspired and curious about the nordic kitchen trends - the idea of this Kitchen Takeover or "4 Hands Dinner" experience was born.

LetĀ“s seek for inspiration, share ideas and experiences, share cultures and develop friendships in the kitchen! I will share with you my friends- these extraordinary persons and chefs - to create something unique for your restaurant. And the next project might be a "4 Hands DinnerĀ» in their kitchen in Italy? Or lets bring them to Norway!

Stefano Cerveni

Franco Pepe

Silvia Baracchi

Pietro d`Agostino

We arrange everything

Whatever you choose, we take responsibility for everything, from planning to implementation. We draw up a detailed and clear plan for the entire trip, and we take care of all the details so that you can travel with shoulders down allowing you to gain maximum benefit of your stay.

Photo: Anton Soggiu