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Over the many years that I have lived in Italy I have first handedly experienced the warmth of its hospitality, culture and centenary traditions that shape and preserve its uniqueness. The people value more than anything: community, purpose, joyful lifestyles, healthy foods, socialising, taking care of each-other and family. In addition, its warm climate shapes their routines and daily habits.

When I moved to Italy over 15 years ago with my family, I was astonished by how friendly everyone was. The genuine daily social interactions and sense of community among Italians have always fascinated me. An art of finding purpose and joy in the simple everyday things in life.

When I found myself watching the Netflix Documentary “Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones”, I was not surprised at all to find out that one of only five areas in the entire world where people live longer and healthier lives, known as Blue Zones, was in Italy. Specifically in Sardegna, a place I have been lucky to visit and experience multiple times with my clients.

Reading the book IKIGAI, I was truly mesmerised by the Japanese culture and concept of “your reason for being”. The true happiness of always being busy.

It struck me that all 5 blue zones shared core principles with the Japanese concept of “Ikigai.” And the more I dived into the book, the more connections and similarities I found between Italy and Japan. It became clear to me that there was a profound relationship between the longevity and well-being of these communities and their unwavering commitment to a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle.

While I’m specialised in unique Italian experiences, I am excited to blend my love for the country with a fresh perspective that transcends borders. A new inspiration, a new story, a new lifestyle. An international journey on the discovery of the blue zones. The idea is to guide travellers through the enchanting blue zones, unraveling the secrets of longevity, happiness, and vibrant living that have been embedded in these communities for generations.

A Journey on the discovery of the Blue Zones, that starts from Sardegna, Italy, to Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California. Meaningful conversations with locals, exclusive experiences and partaking in activities that promote well-being—all while surrounded by the beauty of some of the most exclusive and breathtaking locations in the entire world.

Coming from a cold and very organised country like Norway, where healthy lifestyles, outdoor activities, well-being, icebaths and family are a big focus, me and my team developed this new concept as the perfect new journey for discovery and self-development. For both you and your team.

From exclusive private experiences & trips to tailored corporate events, focused on inspiration, team-development and so much more. Explore the harmonious convergence of ancient traditions and modern living, fostering a profound connection with the essence of a truly balanced and joyous lifestyle.