About Marthe Carrara



Sharing the Beauty and Hospitality of the Italian Experience

For more than two decades, I have been lucky enough to take my guests on unforgettable adventures, immersing them in the wonders of Italy. From the warmth of the people and their stories, to the grandeur of the breathtaking landscape, I have been privileged to share the beauty and hospitality of this incredible country with my clients.

After living in Italy myself for twelve years, I have had the chance to really get to know the country from the inside. I have come to appreciate the depth of its culture, and I am passionate about sharing this experience with others. I strive to ensure that each guest feels welcomed and taken care of.

From the amazing food to the rich culture and history, I aim to create unforgettable memories that will bring a smile to the faces of everyone who joins me. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a corporate incentive trip, I take the utmost care in creating a special journey that will leave a lasting impression. I am passionate about introducing my guests to the magic of Italy and promise to create an experience that will stay with them forever.

My commitment is to bring a sense of joy to my guests and make them feel part of the Italian experience. I want them to feel the warmth of the people, the beauty of the landscape, and the deliciousness of the food, and to truly appreciate the wonders of this incredible country.